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Aug. 22nd, 2009 08:07 pm
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[City Pass payment 1/2]

Yoshimori's room was strangely... colorful. The walls were porous and colored in a shade of beige. Lines of white icing were all across them, holding together about 3 layers of the substance. The ceiling was made of a white crust, decorated with a pattern made of differen colors of icing. The floor was carpeted with a hard chocolate shell that had a simple design engraved in it. The furniture were formed out of crackers or carved out from blocks of baked cookie dough, sometimes spotted with chocolate chips. There was a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the corner with an impression on it that seemed like a bean bag. Various items around the room such as books, tools and utensils were made out of different colored confectioneries. From time to time, a barely noticeable tremor occurs.

The view moves towards Yoshimori stirring from his sleep, in his bed at the back of the room. The bed's mattress looked like an inflated top of a souffle, framed by a hard rectangular crust. "Howaaaaah~" It was a relaxing morning for once. Yoshimori yawned and stretched before sitting up. As by usual morning routine, he rubs his eyes clean and takes a chunk of the wall for breakfast and-


That last rumble shook the whole building. Dropping the breakfast, he ran out to see what happened. Out in the balcony, he saw an unbelievable sight. The side of a giant hand was pressed on a transparent blue case surrounding the castle.

"HAH! TAKE THAT, OLD MAN!" The scene shifted to that of a simple kitchen. Used pots and pans were stewn around a table, and a nearly finished candy castle was placed on a clearer counter. An old man can be seen in mid air, trying to ruin the castle with a chop. Yoshimori himself was in an apron, running towards his grandfather.

"Get off! I'm not letting you ruin this one!" He pryed his grandfather off the case and got between him and the cake.

"I keep saying, if you have the time to do this, you should be out training instead! LEGITIMATE SUCCESSOR CHOOOP!" The old man hit him squarely on the forehead. Damn, he forgot to protect himself! "Ghuk!" Yoshimori collapsed.

The cake was completely ruined, no longer anything more than a mess on the ground. "NOOOOO!!!" Yoshimori was on his kness in front of it as he lamented. "YOU'RE NOT GETTING AWAY WITH THIS THIS TIME!" He ran out of the kitchen, in hot pursuit after the stupid old man.


Yoshimori groggily woke up, reaching for the shikigami sitting close by.

"Stupid old man. So this is how it works." After he fiddled around with it, the transmission cuts off.
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