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[Character Name] Sumimura Yoshimori
[Canon] Kekkaishi
[Point Taken from Canon]

[Age] 14
[Gender] MALE
[Sexual Orientation] Hetero

[Eye Color] Black.
[Hair Color] black
[Height] SHORT
[Other] He has a black square mark on his left palm. It's a symbol that tags him as the legitimate successor of the technique. and he kind of always looks lazy?
[Clothing] Err, the traditional kekkaishi uniform? Eh, might as well go with a picture:
This is as clear as google search could get.


The Karasumori household was known for their high spiritual power, so they were often plagued by supernatural phenomena. They hired Hazama Tokimori to deal with the ayakashi. The spiritual power of the household kept growing and made the ayakashi stronger, however. The ayakashi managed to kill the whole household during the period Tokimori was sick. The source of the energy was buried deep in the land, and Karasumori Academy, a school, was eventually built above it, still attracting and strengthening ayakashi. It is revealed that sometime ago, Hazama Tokimori asked a god named Uro-sama was asked to give the forest of Karasumori up.

Yoshimori is in one of two families decended from Hazama Tokimori, the Sumimuras. He is 14 years old, and has been forced into the family job since primary school. He works together with Tokine, his older childhood friend, in protecting the Karasumori land, now a schoolground, from invading ayakashi that can't be seen by normal people without the sense for it. Since he learned of Tokine's fondness for candy castles, he aspired to bake the best he could in his free time. He is a third year in middle school, enrolled in Karasumori Academy. Aside from dealing with agressive intruders, Yoshimori also assists wandering ghosts that wander in the area to pass on. He lives with his father, grandfather, and younger brother. His elder brother joined the Urukai and his mother is a skilled kekkaishi who travels around. His brother visits when he has business, and his mother is said to visit once in a while, though she didn't even contact the family on the one time she appeared in the story.

While he was 9 years old. Yoshimori was timid, sloppy and reluctant to being a kekkaishi. He took up the job when He kept crying and missed how Tokine was before they took up the job and she treated the family feud seriously. One night during a usual hunt, because of his hesitation in destroying a Yumigane-type ayakashi, Tokine got scratched and poisoned. He then vowed to protect Tokine sometime after. He did his best since then to stop crying, get stronger and to take his job seriously.

As he and Tokine defeated ayakashi that entered the land, his ability and ambition improved. He began learning about the Urukai, an organization of people with supernatural abilities, ever since he met Yomi, the ogre user. After Tokine showed him that making the kekkai softer would make projectiles bounce, he began trying many different things with his kekkai. When his spirit dog's friend tried to gain power from Karasumori, he gained more respect from Madarao and began to question the effects of Karasumori to demons. He resolved to permanently seal Karasumori to end the troubles they face when his older brother Masamori visited and tested his ability. It was around this time when ayakashi started acting weirdly, as if they planned and gathered information about the situation in Karasumori before invading. He found out a bit of the past of Hazama Tokimori when a god, Uro-sama, requested to have his bed fixed. When they dealt with the Shirahago-type ayakashi, they discovered an ayakashi watching wearing a synthetic human skin. They began suspecting something was strange in the behavior in recent attacks.

A mysterious transfer student comes in, revealed as Shishio Gen of the Urukai. He's a member of a subgroup within it called the Yagyou who was sent as support to the kekkaishi, and acts as their melee fighter with his speed and power during nights. Yoshimori was wary of him at first, but grew to trust him.

A group of ayakashi in human skin eventually came to the school during the day and announced that they, Kokubourou, were after Karasumori. That night when they fought is when they first meet Kaguro, an ayakashi that was once human. He incapacitated Gen and teased the others by demonstrating how easily he could kill them then going to the sidelines just to watch the rest unfold. That night concluded in Kaguro collecting data and telling Yoshimori that he had potential, and Gen being ordered to return to the Urakai. Masamori was promoted into Urukai's council of 12 and visited home on Gen's last day to tell of his promotion and some of his plans to their grandfather and told Yoshimori Gen's backstory. Yoshimori accepted all of what he did, and Masamori called to cancel Gen's recall. Because of Gen losing control that one time, Atora pays a visit to test their teamwork with Gen. Through the test, the three learned to trust each other and work together even without communication.

Heisuke, someone Yoshimori's grandfather asked to investigate about Kokubourou, was attacked and presumed dead. This signalled the start of Kokubourou's true attack. Kaguro visited Gen and gave him an egg that would trouble him with an inner conflict. Finally, Kokubourou's attack arrived. The Yoshimori and Yukimura households as well as the Yagyou were both attacked to avoid any support from reaching Karasumori as the main attack led by a strong ayakashi called Gagin. To beat him, Yoshimori and Yukine relied on Gen who had to fully transform to match Gagin's power. Just as Gen landed the finishing blow, Kaguro revealed himself and killed Gen from behind. The fox princess that Kokubourou was revolved around attacked after being impatient, but Karasumori struck her, ultimately halting Kokubourou's attack that day.

A few days later, the Colorless Swamp, the land of Uro-sama, was drained and dug though Kokubourou discovered nothing from it. Another leader from Kokubourou, Hekian was sent to check the underground of Karasumori. Though he had no trouble dealing with the Kekkaishi, he was overwhelmed from the vision he had when he tried to find Karasumori's power.

Yoshimori then learned that Tokine's grandmother was in Kokubourou investigating all this time. He tailed her to gain entrance to Kurosusuki, the land Kokubourou resides in, but got lectured on making his power his own instead. Seeing his shortcomings, Yoshimori went into training by catching crows at the back of a temple using his technique. He learned about not just looking at what's immediate, but all that's around him as is, improving the speed and accuracy of his technique.

Because of what happened before, the Yagyou temporarily moved in to the Yukimura and Sumimura residences to prepare for another attack by the Kokubourou. The second wave begun, at the signal of black clouds approaching. The second wave was led by Sakon, previously Gagin's second in command. Masamori faced off agains Sakon, while Yoshimori found another leader of the Kokubourou, Shion, while looking for Kaguro. Yoshimori allowed himself to be taken by her so he could get into Kokubourou.

With Heisuke reappearing and Yoshimori rampaging around the castle, Kurosusuki began crumbling. Heisuke killed his goal, Byaku, but died as well. Yoshimori finally met Kaguro, and was nearly killed by him if it wasn't for Kagemiya, someone who was accidentally brought to Kokubourou along with him. Because of his desire to protect Kagemiya who would've died in front of him, Yoshimori unconciously created a true zekkai that vanquished Kaguro, though he fell unconcious too. The Yagyou eventually arrived and took everyone out of Kurosusuki before it completely collapsed.

After things calmed down, a stranger named Kongou appeared. He was an exorsist after a spirit that made its way to Karasumori, Jaren. Yoshimori was able to work well with the guy so he could bind Jaren into a contract. Though still alive, it was enough so Kongou could continue chasing Jaren on his own until its spirit is completely sealed.

Yoshimori was visited by a friendly crow-like ayakashi with a request. He was the servant of a god of another land, Ootengu, dragged Yoshimori to the land before fully explaining the request. Yoshimori got dragged into stopping Ootengu from pinning over a foreign human woman, and to convince him to divide to continue his life. As a reward, the crow servants gave him a crow feather that summons normal crows when waved and allowed him to understand them.

At the council of twelve of the Urukai, the matter of Karasumori came up and the final verdict was to send someone to investigate further until they could conclude an action. A plot was set up to disrupt the investigation by using ability-users who controlled space through paper to confuse the Yagyou and those at Karasumori. Things went too far when one of the hired ability-users made the cocoon of a man-made ayakashi, Kuro-Kabuto hatch. Kuro-Kabuto could have easily destroyed the town if left to fully form, so Yoshimori and the Yagyou members there tried everything to stop it, but failed. Yoshimori was able to damage it to an extent, but Karasumori kept it regenerating. When he strongly wished for power though, Karasumori gave Yoshimori the power to damage Kuro-Kabuto more. This was the first time Yoshimori was able to visually sense the power of Karasumori and how it moved. It was too late however, and Kuro-Kabuto was revealed to have been concentrating on growing all this time, making it managable. When it was fully formed and entered battle-mode however, it was unmatched by anything they did. Thankfully, its first target was Karasumori itself, earning Karasumori's wrath. In the end, it was only because of Karasumori that they all survived.

At another ordinary night, a god-class dragon was randomly dropped on Karasumori, wounded. Yoshimori and Tokine helped heal, and discovered that the cause was Yoshimori's mother, Sumiko, who was probably still around the area. When the dragon was starting to go wild on the power, Yoshimori launched it off Karasumori and spotted where his mother could have been watching. His mother took the dragon back where she got it from before Yoshimori could see her. It was discovered that she may have done it to relieve Karasumori's stress by making it use its power on the dragon.

Some time during the summer after, Masamori lures him into a job by saying it's an opportunity to learn about sacred grounds and the gods in charge of them so he can find a way to seal Karasumori. He was originally just supposed to stay outside the land, Shin'Yuuchi, and stop any ayakashi from escaping a shrine, but got dragged into the sacred ground by the god residing there. He found out about the massacre that happened there and about his brother's past with Mudo, the previous 7th of Urukai's Council of Twelve before Masamori's promotion. Yoshimori had his hands full protecting the god of the land and was supposed to leave exterminating Mudou to Masamori, but he was too much for them. Mudou gave Masamori a choice. He'll spare either him or Yoshimori, and kill the other. Masamori made a gamble and said he'd like to be spared, trusting that the despair of Yoshimori and the life and death situation would force him to bring out the true zekkai he saw before in Kurosusuki. Mudou saw through the plan however, and purposely missed hitting Yoshimori to hit Masamori. When Yoshimori saw the attack heading towards Masamori, he used his want to protect instead of despair to form a white zekkai that destroyed Mudou while keeping Masamori and the god alive. This is where Yoshimori falls unconcious to enter Somarium.


Yoshimori is a simple-minded person, but is not necessarily stupid. He often has a bored look on his face. He doesn't care about much, but cares a lot for those he does care about. He may seem to be very withdrawn, as he doesn't often associate with those he doesn't have business with. He would jump in to protect anyone in danger, however. Even with spirits, he'd rather help them pass on instead of easily eliminating them. If he doesn't trust a person, he treats them very coldly. Ever since Gen however, he gives people more of a chance to get his trust. He is a bit hard headed, but he learns to heed people's advice and acknowledge when someone else is right. He used to complain about his work a lot, cry often, and rely on others too much to help him, but stopped since the incident when he was 9 years old.

Yoshimori loves making candy castles during his spare time, dreaming to make the best candy castle that will make Tokine happy one day. The interest was sparked when he overheard that Tokine liked sweet (Western)candy castles. Besides that, he doesn't have much of a hobby. He just loves sleeping to pass time. He has a strong fixation on coffee milk. He loves the drink. He'd drink it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner if he could.

Yoshimori takes a lot of risks, but is an experienced fighter. He figures out solutions by diving straight in and stumbling through rather than thinking it through beforehand. It is mostly because of the great intuition he has and the abundant power and energy he can expend recklessly.


Yoshimori uses the Hazama-style technique of manipulating space to create barriers, designate areas, and seal places among other things.

Hoi selects the target, Jouso sets where the kekkai is made, Ketsu forms a box shaped barrier around the designated point or target, Metsu crushes everything within the formed barrier, if the barrier is stronger than what was inside and Tenketsu absorbs the fragments left after a metsu. This is the usual process of taking care of ayakashi.

Kai cancels a barrier without disturbing the contents, if something was in the way or if the contained is friendly.

Zekkai is a kekkai technique that repels, used through negative feelings. Can be used to harm enemies too. It's useful, but an advanced technique that shouldn't be used very often.

Besides the usual barriers, the Hazama-style technique allows successors to do other things.
Nenshi is a kekkai in the form of thread that can bind non-solid objects, used for sealing spaces or binding things.
Shikigami are paper that can transform into creatures used to restore broken things. The appearance may be altered as well, if the user wishes. Kekkaishi can use the restoration technique by themselves(shuufuku), but is harder to do.

Sekkai is an ability to cancel a barrier that isn't his own, but Yoshimori hasn't had any luck using it.

He also bakes great pasteries.

[Affection] He's a bit on the extreme side of things. He'll treat most people he doesn't know very well coldly, speaking in a detached tone that shows disinterest. He doesn't avoid people actively though. When it comes to his business or a certain degree of familiarity, he will be more expressive and show a lot more interest in what people say. In most cases, he feels more free to state what he thinks, eventually leading to a trade of insults with the more snarky type of people. Get on his bad side, and he'll just ignore you or sneer at every chance he gets. Nothing too much, as long as there isn't any danger involved.

[Fighting] He can fight, just not so good with close range or hand to hand combat. Going as far as killing is all right, just not so soon after his arrival, hopefully. Yoshimori doesn't start serious fights most of the time. He might if he or someone he knows is in mortal danger, but even then he gives a warning first.

[Other Facts]

A square mark, the Houin, is on his right palm. It shows that he is the legitimate successor of the Kekkai technique. Being a legitimate successor, he has a lot of power, but does not yet know how to control or use it.

His abilities get stronger with resolve and/or concentration.

Coffee milk is his one true love


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