Aug. 5th, 2009

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[Character Name] Sumimura Yoshimori
[Canon] Kekkaishi
[Point Taken from Canon]

[Age] 14
[Gender] MALE
[Sexual Orientation] Hetero

[Eye Color] Black.
[Hair Color] black
[Height] SHORT
[Other] He has a black square mark on his left palm. It's a symbol that tags him as the legitimate successor of the technique. and he kind of always looks lazy?
[Clothing] Err, the traditional kekkaishi uniform? Eh, might as well go with a picture:
This is as clear as google search could get.

Too lazy to think of LJ cut text )

[Affection] He's a bit on the extreme side of things. He'll treat most people he doesn't know very well coldly, speaking in a detached tone that shows disinterest. He doesn't avoid people actively though. When it comes to his business or a certain degree of familiarity, he will be more expressive and show a lot more interest in what people say. In most cases, he feels more free to state what he thinks, eventually leading to a trade of insults with the more snarky type of people. Get on his bad side, and he'll just ignore you or sneer at every chance he gets. Nothing too much, as long as there isn't any danger involved.

[Fighting] He can fight, just not so good with close range or hand to hand combat. Going as far as killing is all right, just not so soon after his arrival, hopefully. Yoshimori doesn't start serious fights most of the time. He might if he or someone he knows is in mortal danger, but even then he gives a warning first.

[Other Facts]

A square mark, the Houin, is on his right palm. It shows that he is the legitimate successor of the Kekkai technique. Being a legitimate successor, he has a lot of power, but does not yet know how to control or use it.

His abilities get stronger with resolve and/or concentration.

Coffee milk is his one true love


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