Dream 03

Oct. 26th, 2009 06:02 pm
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((ooc: backdated to two days before the murder event

italics are audible narration))

Immaterial shards of blue flew and faded into the night sky.

He made a mistake. He shouldn't have believed it. Yoshimori at nine years old was was on the ground, looking up in fear. Looming above him was a large demon, ready to strike him. What could he do? He closed his eyes and braced himself as the claw descended on him.


...What? He heard the sound of tearing flesh, but it never came. The first thing the boy saw when he opened his eyes were the three gashes on Tokine's arm. She... got hurt because of him. Unlike him, she didn't look shaken by the wound at all. Without much thought, she encased the ayakashi with a spiritual barrier and vanquished it immediately.

"Tokine, your blood is..." He was concerned, but Tokine cut him off.

"You still don't understand these things at all!" She scolded him for his naive sympathy for monsters. Her sharp tone struck him, before he knew it, she collapsed.

Yoshimori carried her to her home in tears. He desparately banged on the door until her grandmother answered it. The chatter during the scene was muffled. emphasizing Yoshimori's sobbing and the grandmother's angry expression instead. She took her in, but tried to shoo Yoshimori away. As the scene played, only one exchange was heard.

"But it was my fault. Let me help with something!"

"We're fine, so go home! There's nothing you can do!"

Five years later, Yoshimori looks as he is now. In the same forest where the incident happened, he and Tokine were arguing about something lightheartedly. The voices were muffled again, but it had something to do with the ridiculously large barrier he used to catch a small ayakashi floating around. As Tokine left, Yoshimori's expression turned serious.

It's not random.

A detailed shot of her scar that never fully healed was shown.

Same location, but the scene changed. A large black cloud loomed above the grounds they protected. All around, people with special abilities were fighting against swarms of demons.

A wolf-like guy split open the flame barrier of the boss, a flying muscular centaur-like beast. Yoshimori deflected a gigantic fireball it threw right back at it. The wolfman ricocheted off another of Tokine's barriers, heading back to the beast for the final blow.

I want to be able to do something other than crying, when someone is being hurt.

As soon as he killed the boss of the operation, he was suddenly killed from behind.

A flash of a different scene appears. It was in a forest that didn't feel real. They were near a lake. Yoshimori was yelling out to his brother, reaching for him. Masamori's back was facing him, but he was looking backwards with a face of surprise. A disc of black energy was rotating in unbelievable speeds, seconds away from cutting through his brother.

That's why...

Yoshimori was running all over Somarium now, during the sandstorm event. He was encasing then eradicating every monster he passed. Quick flashes of images from video posts with people dying were shown during the scene.

I... I... will definitely become strong!


"Nngh." Yoshimori blinked until the sleep left his eyes. He raised his hand to the sky, looking at the back of his palm.

"Still not strong enough, huh?" He sighed.

With a grumpy look, he checked to see the dreamberry still running. He got up and shut off his phone's feed.

It might be worth noting that he was sleeping outside, close to the outskirts of Somni, it seems from the feed. And that he looked a bit beaten up, though there aren't any wounds worth noting.

((ooc: So for the whole period he was inactive, he was training in the desert. ...yeah.))


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