Dream 02

Aug. 30th, 2009 11:07 pm
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[City Pass Payment 2/2]

"All right! This is it!" Yoshimori was just outside the cabin he decided to stay in tonight, just as he wanted. As weird as she was, that mad scientist was right! You can choose what to dream if you think about it enough before sleeping. This was different than the usual dream. Yoshimori felt that he was aware of everything in the dream, even the fact that he was dreaming this now, and his reason for dreaming this.

If he was right, it's doing things here that really matters! He looked up. That floating castle was drifting around, far above normal reach... but in a dream, NONE OF THAT MATTERED! With just one hop, he was rocketing towards it, blue flames trailing behind him. The castle seemed to align itself to his trajectory. In a few seconds, he was already there. When he reached the barrier, he just made one punch and he was through, without even slowing down! The entire barrier could be seen shattering as he approached the front doors of the castle.

"Finally!" The front door seemed sturdy and heavy, but he just kicked it open and stormed in. "HEY! What's up with-" The entire castle was just a single room. He could see the shape from within, as if the castle was a completely hollow shape. "...all..." The floor was decorated in checkered black and white tiles. A single long red carpet stretched from the entrance to the wall at the opposite end. "this...?" Yoshimori went down a few steps near the middle of the castle. Down the indent of the ground were three chests. What he found down to his right was a short... mushroom... person?

"Thank you Yoshimori. But the Overlord is in another cas-OOMPH!" Without waiting for it to finish, Yoshimori punted the... thing to who knows where.

"THIS CAN'T BE IT! What the hell are you?" He seethed in anger. The question was a bit too late, as he was planning to direct it to the annoying thing before punting it.

Yoshimori trudgingly got up, rubbing his eyes. "Well, that didn't work". Off to the side, he saw the city pass sticking out of the dreamberry slot. "Huh, so it is real." Pretty bad timing, appearing only when the weather starts going bad. Well, at least he can check if the pass works or not.

He reached to scratch his head with one hand and the phone with the other when he felt the band on his head and saw the machine it was attached to. "GAH!"

[Feed turns off]
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